Cyber Liability

As companies become ever more reliant on email, the internet and IT networks, they also increase their exposure to viruses, hackers, fraud and misuse of information.

Cyber liability insurance provides coverage for the first-party and third-party risk associated with e-business, the internet, networks and information assets. Any company with a website or email systems should be aware of the risk to both themselves and to third parties in their use and if the company trades online the risk is far greater.

The policy offers protection against losses arising from damage to the firms own website, system failure or damage to the firms computer network or any data the firm hold electronically arising from unauthorised access, the fraudulent use of the firms electronic signature, certificate, mail or website.

Also, the policy offers to protect against third party losses arising out of internet communications including privacy issues, the infringement of intellectual property rights, breach of confidence, misuse of any information which is either confidential or subject to statutory restrictions on its use, inadvertent transmission of a virus, fraudulent use by an employee of the firms electronic signature or external email, defamation, libel and slander.

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